Welcome to the Bewhiskered 2021 Dealer Information Page. This page is the official reference point for all information relevant to Dealers at our convention and will be updated as needed. If you are a prospective or confirmed dealer at Bewhiskered 2021, please bookmark this page and refer to it regularly.

Table of Contents

Becoming a Dealer

All sales and transactions of manufactured or wholesale goods at Bewhiskered 2021 must be done by an entity who has been designated as an Approved Dealer. In order to become an Approved Dealer and obtain a table (Full or Half) in our Dealer Den, you must have completed the following steps and selection process. Please read this section in full before applying!

Step 1: Apply

  • To begin the process of becoming an Approved Dealer, you must first complete and submit a Dealer Application. All required information must be filled in completely and accurately. Optional information is not required at this time, but may expedite our evaluation of your application and may become required at a later date.
  • Only one application per dealer business/entity please!
  • If you plan to split a table with another dealer, both dealers must submit applications separately and list who they plan to split with. Evaluation for shared tables will not begin till both applications are submitted.
  • We may need to contact you in order to obtain additional information, so please make sure to check your email you have provided as your contact regularly.
    • NOTE: If your application is found to be lacking any critical information for us to make a decision, we will reach out to the above email. If you do not provide the requested information before July 9th, your application will be discarded and you will not be notified of approval or denial.
  • The Dealer Application will be open until 11:59 PM on July 2nd, 2021.
  • If you miss the Dealer Application, we will open a Dealer Waitlist Application after the above date. Please see the Dealer Waitlist section below for additional information.
  • For more detailed information and answers to common questions on the application, please see the Application FAQ section below.

Step 2: Selection and the NCAS Vendor Contract

  • You will be notified by July 9th whether your application has been approved or not via the Contact Email you have provided.
    • If you are not selected for a Dealer Position at this point, your application will be placed on the Dealer Waitlist unless you indicate otherwise. For why we are operating a Dealer Waitlist and why you may want to be placed on it, see the Dealer Waitlist section below.
  • Upon being approved as a Dealer, you will receive an NCAS Vendor Contract.
    • This contract must be filled out in full, signed, and sent back to our team no later than September 10th, 2021. Failure to do so will release your Dealer Position to be filled from the Dealer Waitlist.

Step 3: Registration

  • Once we have received and verified your completed NCAS Vendor Contract, we will send you a link and instructions to our registration system which will allow you to register yourself, pay for your table, and register any Dealer Assistants that you still need to obtain admission for.
  • We advise that at this point you also reserve your hotel room if you plan to do so.
  • Further information can be found in the Dealer Registration Information section below.

Once you have completed the steps above and received your registration confirmation, you are considered an Approved Dealer for the Bewhiskered 2021 convention as long as the terms and conditions of the NCAS Vendor Contract are met.

If you are interested in being a dealer, please fill out the Bewhiskered 2021 Dealer Application. If you have any questions while filling out the Dealer Application, please see the Application FAQ section below.

BWS 2021 Dealer Application are Closed. Please see the Dealer Waitlist Below.

Dealer Waitlist

Due to conditions with our venue, we have a potential opportunity for an expanded Dealer Den space. Unfortunately we do not yet have confirmation on this space at the current time and so have a very limited number of Dealer Positions available.

Owing to the above and the potential of Approved Dealers becoming unable to appear at the event, we are instituting a Dealer Waitlist. This Dealer Waitlist will be automatic for dealers who are not selected from the initial Application, unless otherwise requested, and those that utilize the Dealer Waitlist Application after the main application has closed.

In the event that additional dealer positions are added, or a current Approved Dealer resigns their position, Dealer Den staff will utilize the waitlist to select and approach new dealers. If selected you will be starting on Step 2 of the above process with an NCAS Vendor Contract. You will have one month from this notice, or until October 8th (whichever comes first), to complete, sign, and return the contract as well as provide your NCDOR Certificate of Registration number. You will then have until pre-registration closes on October 21st to complete your Dealer Registration and pay for your table.

Application FAQ

What if I see a Google Sign In page when I first open the application Link?

What are the sizes of the Tables?

What if I want to split a table?

Why do you need my full legal name?

Will the “Preferred Name” be my badge name?

What do you mean by (registered) or “sole proprietorship” on the “Legal Business Name” question?

What is a “Public Business Name” or “Doing Business As”?

Should I use my home address for the “Business Address” question set?

What is an “NC DOR Certificate of Registration ID”? Why do you need it?

What is the Public Listing?

How does that differ from the “Detailed Product Offering”?

What is an “Example Table Display Link”? Do I need one?

Do I have to upload files on the “Example Table Display Upload” question?

What are Dealer Assistants?

Does a room come with my Dealer registration? (“Hotel Room Preference” question)

Should I put my name as the “Hotel Room Reservation Contact”?

Will I be guaranteed an Electrical connection if I check the box on the “Electrical Request” question?

What else can I ask for in the “Other Requests” section?

So I’ve submitted my application, what now?

Have more questions on the Dealer Application you don't see here? Please email us at Dealer-Relations@BewhiskeredCon.org.

Dealer Den Table and Amenities

The below are the two options for your Dealer Table. The Cost listed is the fee for the table itself and mention of the Dealer and Dealer Assistant registrations. For information on these registrations, please see the Dealer Registration Information section below.

* The Dealer Table Fee includes all applicable taxes and fees.

BWS 2021 Dealer Table

Each table features ~3’ to 4’ of back table space with egress points beside each table. Dealers are responsible for keeping the space behind and beside their table clear for emergency egress. Stock may not be stored or displayed in the egress areas between tables.

Displays must remain within the bounds of the table and the space between the table and the wall. These displays must not exceed 7’ from the floor. Any structure over 4’ from the floor must be reasonably secured from falling over. What is "Reasonable" is at the discretion of the Dealer Den staff.

Wifi will be provided via the hotel Wifi infrastructure. This will be provided regardless of if you have reserved a hotel room. We cannot guarantee uptime or throughput.

Electrical connections may be available but are not guaranteed.

Dealer Den Schedule

The Dealer Den schedule will be:


The “Setup” period of the dealer den schedule will be the period Friday morning when Dealers are allowed access to the Dealer Den space in order to bring in product and equipment to be set up at their tables. ONLY convention staff, Dealers, and Dealer Assistants will be allowed in the Dealer Den during this period.


The “Startup” period of the dealer den schedule will be the period before the dealer den opens on Saturday and Sunday where the Dealers and Dealer Assistants will be allowed access to uncover and prepare their dealer table for the day.


The “Open” period of the dealer den schedule will be the period each day when the dealer den is open to attendees to browse and make purchases. An announcement will be made 15 minutes before the dealer den closes for the evening each day. When the dealer den closes convention staff will guide attendees out of the space.


The “Shutdown” period of the dealer den schedule will be the period Friday and Saturday evenings when all attendees have been removed so that Dealers and Dealer Assistants are able to clean up, restock, and secure their tables for the night. At the end of this period, or when all Dealers and Dealer Assistants have exited, convention staff will lock the room for the evening.

NOTE: Access to the Dealer Den after Shutdown and before Startup is expressly forbidden. Please make sure you have removed any necessary personal belongings, equipment, tools, supplies, or merchandise you may require before Startup the next day prior to leaving.


The “Takedown” period of the dealer den schedule will be the period Sunday evening when all attendees have been removed so that Dealers and Dealer Assistants can break down their displays and pack their equipment and merchandise. You are responsible for removing all equipment, merchandise, personal property, and trash by the time this period ends. Leaving trash behind will impact our evaluation of you as a vendor for future events.

Dealer Den Rules

Dealers are required to know and follow the rules below in order to maintain their status as an Approved Dealer for the Bewhiskered 2021 convention. It is the responsibility of the dealer to check this page regularly for updates and changes.

Displays, Merchandise, and Services

  1. Items offered for sale in the Dealer Den should be related to the theme of the convention or should have a broad appeal to furries and others in attendance at Bewhiskered.
  2. Items that are illegal to possess or sell in the United States, State of North Carolina, or City of Durham (Firearms or restricted weapons, pornography involving minors, etc.) are prohibited in the Dealer Den. Items that require a specific permit or license to display or sell shall require the Dealer to present the license and are subject to approval by Dealer Den staff.
  3. Depiction of real or fictional minors in adult situations is prohibited.
  4. Any item that is prohibited for direct sale is also not permitted for display, giveaway, or delivery during or after the convention unless otherwise specified.
  5. The responsibility to ensure proper copyright of merchandise rests with the Dealer. North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society, Inc. recommends Dealers research and are aware of the legality of copyrights, trademarks, works of parody, and fan art. Please be aware that you will be required to indemnify NCAS against any legal actions taken regarding the illegal sale of licensed products or works that you do not hold proper right to sell as part of the NCAS Vendor Contract.
  6. The dealer that has been approved and has signed the NCAS Vendor Contract is the only dealer allowed to sell items from the table assigned. Do not sell goods on behalf of another at your table unless those goods were described in your Dealer Application and you are collecting and remitting sales tax for these items under your own business for tax purposes.
  7. Dealer tables are non-transferable. If you have someone else who wants your table if you are vacating it at the convention, direct them to the Dealer Den staff.
  8. Non-firearm weaponry such as swords are acceptable provided these weapons do not have a sharp edge and that the purchases are fully wrapped afterward. As per Convention Security Policy, these items may not be waved or otherwise brandished in public. Any items which resemble firearms but are non-firing must also be fully wrapped and not brandished. It is strongly suggested that dealers urge customers who purchase such items to carry them directly to their hotel rooms.
    1. NOTE: Attendees wishing to display their purchases despite the above urging must have the items evaluated and peace bonded by convention security. Please advise them to keep the item wrapped until they have been able to bring it to security for this process.
  9. Merchandise and products (including commissioned works) of an adult or sexual nature, or containing such content are regulated by the following rules within the Dealer Den.
    1. Such items whose primary purpose is functional rather than artistic (such as novelty items, personal care items, and toys) are prohibited at this time. As we encourage public health and safety for its attendees, an exception is made for sale or giveaway of condoms and similar prophylactics.
    2. Artwork, clothing, or other items of an appropriate but adult nature may be sold only if they are kept from public view. Such items must be covered or similarly shielded according to the details below.
      1. Artwork containing adult material should be shielded (by Post-It notes, stickers, or a similar covering that is not easily or accidentally removed), and should be kept in a clearly-marked binder which must be kept closed by the dealer when it is not being viewed by an adult customer.
        1. Binders or portfolios containing such artwork must be separate from other binders. A tag or divider between "regular" and "adult" material is not sufficient. Any censoring of artwork (pixelation, blurring, censorship bars) must be done to the satisfaction of Dealers Room Staff.
      2. Items displaying content of an adult nature must be delivered to the customer in opaque packaging that obscures the mature item completely, such as a bag, envelope, or folder. If a customer has their own packaging that sufficiently obscures the items, they may place it inside that instead.
        1. If the event rules or the Member Code of Conduct explicitly allow specific clothing, masks, or accessories to be worn by attendees in event space, those items may be exempt from this rule. Dealer Den staff have ultimate say in regards to this exception.
    3. Dealers are directly and fully responsible for ensuring that minors are not permitted to view, handle, or be otherwise exposed to adult materials. Dealers who are found to be displaying adult-oriented items in such a fashion that they can be viewed by underage members will be afforded a single warning; further incidents may result in that dealer being removed from the Dealers Room without refund and possible loss of Dealers Room privileges for future conventions. Dealer Den staff have final say as to the suitability of wares for display or sale by dealers.
      1. Please note: The convention will provide a badge to each attendee with marking denoting 18+ or Minor. A sample of this will be available upon request to Dealer Den staff. Despite this measure, if you are in doubt, you can and should ask your client for identification before allowing them to view your restricted items.
      2. In the event that an adult attendee is viewing adult nature items in your binder (as mentioned above) and a minor approaches, we advise that you should request the adult attendee to temporarily close the binder.
    4. Dealers should be aware that children, parents, venue employees, members of the press, and other members of the public may be present in the Dealer Den during open hours. All signs, banners, standing displays, etc. must, therefore, abide by a "PG" or better rating. Any display that may be damaging to our community or NCAS’ public image is strictly forbidden.
  10. Any artwork, merchandise, or paraphernalia, whether for sale or free, that would violate any terms of our Member Code of Conduct if worn or displayed is strictly prohibited.
    1. In specific any of the above that features hate speech, hate group iconography, or espouses violence, discrimination, or similar objectionable content is strictly prohibited.
    2. Determining what qualifies as any of these restricted items is the sole discretion of Dealer Den staff or convention leadership.
  11. By contract with our venue, all food and drink sales must be provided by Marriott at RTP and their catering department. Therefore Dealer sales of food or drink are strictly prohibited.
  12. Five Senses Rule: Your table's displays, merchandise, and staff should not annoy customers or other dealers with sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch. Specific concerns are bright flashing lights, loudspeakers, and strong scents. Video soundtracks, CD previews, video games, and other audio need to be kept at such a volume that they do not annoy customers or other dealers; headphones are recommended if audio is a primary selling point of your business. The Dealer Den Staff have the final authority on what does and what does not constitute an annoyance.
  13. You are not required to be at your dealer table constantly during the open hours of the dealer den schedule, however, Bewhiskered, our venue, and NCAS are not responsible for your items at the table if left unattended.
    1. Note that leaving your table unattended or without merchandise for an extended period during the Dealer Den open hours will be noted for future event vending application eligibility.
    2. Further, if your table is left unattended and completely empty for more than two hours without prior approval by Dealer Den staff, we will reclaim the table without refund to you and provide it to another dealer at our discretion for the remainder of the event.
  14. No items may be produced or sold that bear the name “Bewhiskered,” the Bewhiskered logo, or any other intellectual property that Bewhiskered or NCAS have created without due licensure from North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society, Inc. (NCAS).
    1. Such a licensing agreement requires a licensing fee and pre-approval of the use of the intellectual property on such items before they are produced. If you would like to obtain such a license agreement, please contact us at Contact@NCAnthroSociety.org before designing or producing such items.

Dealer Table Equipment and Area

  1. Damages to venue or convention equipment and property are the responsibility of the dealer assigned to them or the area they occupy.
  2. Do not move the table from its position that has been provided. Moving the table may present hazards to emergency egress and is strictly prohibited.
  3. Do not bring additional chairs into the dealer den or move chairs behind tables different from the ones they are provided at.
  4. There may not be more individuals behind a table than the number of chairs provided.
  5. Egress spaces between tables must be kept clear of all obstructions.
  6. Room for egress from all seats behind the table must be maintained without tripping hazards.
  7. Structures, equipment, and inventory may not take up space beyond the bounds of the table and the space between the table and wall.
  8. Structures must not exceed 7’ in height from the floor. Any structure over 4’ from the floor must be reasonably secured from falling over.
  9. Do not use any method of attachment to the table that results in damage to it or its skirt.
  10. No attachments or contact with the hotel walls or airwalls are allowed.
  11. Do not leave trash or abandoned items at or around your table when vacating your space during Takedown.

Sales and Tax

  1. As per N. C. Gen. Stat. § 66-255, Vendors must obtain, share with the Dealer Den staff for records, and prominently display their valid Certificate of Registration (obtained from the North Carolina Department of Revenue) at their table.
  2. The sale of manufactured or wholesale goods is restricted to Approved Dealers only on the convention site, and must occur in the designated areas. Violation of this by any other member of the convention will result in revocation of membership and possibly long term bans from future NCAS events.
  3. Sales, exchanges, and barter between dealers is welcomed. Taxes must still be collected and remitted appropriately.
  4. All sales must be accompanied by a receipt provided to the purchaser indicating the dealer business name, items purchased, their prices and quantities, taxes collected, and total paid.
  5. While all dealers must collect and remit sales tax, it is your choice whether to add this to the sale total, or include it on the cost per item. If including on the item cost, you must clearly display a statement that tax has been included in pricing. (NC Sales and Use Tax Bulletin, January 1 2021: Section 2-1)
  6. Dealers may accept payment in any manner they choose as long as sales tax is calculated and remitted in US dollars. We recommend if you accept cash, that you bring plenty of change. Neither the convention or the venue can make change for you.


  1. In any dispute regarding these rules, the operations of the dealer den, a dealer’s status and ability to sell at the convention, or related matters regarding dealers, Dealer Den staff and convention leadership have final say.
  2. You may appeal a decision to a higher staff member if you feel it is necessary. As fair warning, the higher the position an appeal goes for decision the busier the staff member usually is. The staff member may not have time to review your issue until well after its immediacy has passed.


Bewhiskered, our venue, and North Carolina Anthropomorphic Society, Inc. are not responsible for the security of or damages to your equipment and merchandise. Please take all necessary care to protect against losses and damages as this is solely your responsibility.

NOTE: NCAS and convention staff are unable to promise to safeguard your merchandise and belongings at your table. This is part of the purpose of having a Dealer Assistant, please make use of individuals you trust in this role for such purposes.

Dealer Registration Information

Dealers registration and table fees are separated, but can be purchased and arranged in the same step, along with adding Dealer Assistant registrations and upgrading any registration being made. Dealer and Dealer Assistant registrations are the same price, tier options, and early discount structure as regular registrations. They also follow the same cancellation and refund policies. (For details please refer to the Registration page.) In the event that the Dealer or Dealer Assistants have already registered via the regular Registration page, we only need their legal names to attribute them as a Dealer or Dealer Assistant before pre-registration has closed.

Dealers and Dealer Assistants are subject to the NCAS Member Code of Conduct as a requirement of holding this membership as well as the NCAS Vendor Code of Conduct Addendum as a term of the NCAS Vendor Contract. Violations of these Codes of Conduct will result in sanctions as defined in those documents/pages. The actions of a Dealer Assistant can and will result in sanctions against the Dealer they are associated with.

In the event the convention sells out of normal admissions, we will guarantee you can still obtain registration for yourself and your Dealer Assistants on the condition that you maintain your status as an Approved Dealer according to the NCAS Vendor Contract.

Dealer and Dealer Assistant Badge Pickup and Loading/Unloading

Dealer Den staff will set up a specific entrance for dealers during the “Setup” period on Friday (9AM to 1PM). The specific location for this entrance will be communicated to approved dealers and updated on the Dealer Information Page of our website at a later date.

You and your Dealer Assistants may pick up your registration materials from this point between the hours of 9AM and Noon friday. After noon Friday, you must pick up your registration materials from the general registration pickup location. You will require a valid government photo ID, your registration confirmation, and any materials currently required by the convention COVID policy in order to pick up your registration. Each registered individual must pick up their own registration materials, we cannot pass out registration materials for you and your other Dealer Assistants to one member of your team.

We will aim to provide as easy of an entrance point as possible to the Dealer Den during Setup and Takedown periods. We will provide specific information regarding this and its location at a later date.

Dealer Assistant Allowances and Information

The following are the maximum number of Dealer Assistants allowed per table type. Dealer Assistants are registered attendees in addition to the Dealer who is the primary contact for the table.

  • Full Table: 2 Dealer Assistants allowed.
  • Half Table: 1 Dealer Assistant allowed.

Please note that Dealer Assistants are allowed for the purpose of helping with setup at the start of the convention, takedown at the end of the convention, and someone to swap with manning your dealer table. Each Full Table is allotted two chairs (and each Half Table one chair) making this the maximum occupancy behind the table at any time. Dealer Assistants may NOT bring in additional chairs, sit on the floor behind the table, or sit in the egress space between tables.

Dealer Registration FAQ

What If I’ve already registered to attend Bewhiskered 2021 before my Dealer Application was approved?

  • No worries! We can attribute your "Dealer" status to the existing registration and there will be an “I’ve already registered” option on the registration page we send to you that you should select. This will allow you to complete the payment for the dealer table without registering for your membership and admission again.

Tax Information

All dealers are required to abide by all relevant tax laws of North Carolina. This includes the requirement to collect and remit sales tax to the NC Department of Revenue on all taxable items sold at Bewhiskered 2021.

In order to facilitate the above requirement, all dealers are required to obtain and display a Certificate of Registration from the North Carolina Department of Revenue. (N.C. Gen. Stat. § 105-164.4(c)) This certificate is not usually difficult to obtain and can be acquired online or by mail from the NCDOR website. The link below is a good starting point: https://www.ncdor.gov/taxes-forms/sales-and-use-tax/sales-and-use-tax-registration.

The above page has links to common questions as well as the two options for filing. The linked pages for each have instructions and frequently asked questions that can assist with your filing for a Certificate of Registration.

If you have any difficulty with the filing, or questions not covered on the site, you may contact NCDOR Taxpayer Assistance at 1-877-308-9103, use Option 1, between the hours of 8am and 5pm ET Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

In addition to obtaining this certificate and displaying it at your place of business (your dealer table), you are also required to provide us with the Registration Number on the certificate for our records. (Obligations of the operator of a Speciality market: N. C. Gen. Stat. § 66-255) We require this no later than September 10th (the same due date of your NCAS Vendor Contract). Failure to provide your Certificate of Registration ID will result in your approval being revoked and your Dealer Position being released to be filled by the Dealer Waitlist.

NOTE: NCAS Staff are not attorneys or advisors regarding tax liability. We cannot provide you instructions or answers as to how you should register your business or on the collection, reporting, and remitting of sales or use taxes. The information in this section is provided for convenience only and all questions regarding registration or tax liability should be directed to NCDOR or your preferred tax advisor.

Tax Information FAQ

What if I don't qualify for “nexus” in North Carolina?

  • According to our investigation on this topic and contact with NCDOR: A seller who is present physically in the state while making sales is automatically considered having nexus within the state for the purpose of tax liability.

Why should I not provide my SSN for the Certificate of Registration number?

  • Your Social Security Number IS what you should use to identify your business when reporting income taxes to the state and federal government, however this is different from your obligation to collect and remit Sales and Use taxes.
  • NCDOR requires registration in their system in order to report and remit (send) them these taxes. You will need to provide your SSN or your Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number) during the process of this registration, but the number you will receive in conjunction with the certificate from that process is what we require for our records.

General FAQ

What if I was approved as a dealer for the cancelled Bewhiskered 2020?

What if I am an Approved Dealer but I find out that I cannot attend?

What happens if Bewhiskered 2021 is Postponed or Cancelled?

Have more questions on the Dealer Information Page you don't see here? Please email us at Dealer-Relations@BewhiskeredCon.org.

Errata and Updates

Changes and Updates will be logged here for convenience and clarity. However, we cannot guarantee all changes will be logged accurately. If you are an Approved Dealer, please make sure to check this page in its entirety regularly.

2021-07-22Replaced link for Dealer Application with notice of Dealer Application Closure.
Added link to Dealer Waitlist.
2021-07-01The Dealer Application closing date was updated from July 2nd, 2021 to 11:59 PM on July 2nd, 2021.