Staff and Volunteer Information

Want to help us make Bewhiskered the best con we can? Join us! We’re looking for more like-minded souls that share our values to aid in our quest!


NCAS is currently seeking more staff volunteers to help out for our premier furry convention. Positions with us are unpaid, and may have time requirements before and after the convention. However, accepting a staff volunteer position reflects a serious commitment to help make Bewhiskered better for everyone. If you have any questions about how you can help, our human resources department will be happy to answer them. Send an email to and one of our attentive volunteers will get back to you.

Are you ready to sign up now? View the list of open positions here, then submit a staff application here with some information about yourself and what area you would like to help out in. Our human resources department will reach out to you and may have some additional questions.


Not quite ready to take the plunge into being a full staff member? We’re looking for general volunteers as well! Volunteering positions are available during the convention to assist with a variety of tasks.

You must be registered for Bewhiskered before applying as a volunteer.

Ready to sign up? Submit an application here. Note that if you are 16-17 and would like to volunteer, your parents will also need to fill out our volunteer parental consent form, found here, and send it to us at