November 12-14, 2021

4700 Guardian Dr, Durham, NC 27703

Furs have gazed in wonder at the stars for as long as we can remember, ever since the very first of us thought to look up at the night sky and saw the stars twinkling back at them. For generations we have dreamed of setting sail on this new sea. The time has come to make that dream a reality. On 2021, join Commander Whisky and Flight Engineer Cassie as they prepare for the launch of a lifetime!

The NC Anthro Society (NCAS) is proud to bring you Bewhiskered 2021, a convention hosted by the furs of North Carolina for furs of all parts of the world. Located in the lovely Marriott at Research Triangle Park, Bewhiskered is in the heart of The Triangle and is just a few minutes drive away from the state’s capital and RDU airport.

Our inaugural theme is “Blast Off” both for the convention’s official debut, and in honor of the 50th anniversary of The Apollo Program. Join us as we hearken back to the retro futurism of the Apollo era and celebrate the start of an epic journey in the only way we know how: a three day weekend full of friends, entertainment, and much much more.